Wenguang (Wayne) Wang (Chinese Name)

Ph.D. (December 2004). Currently work as a filesystem engineer in the CoreOS Department of Apple.
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My general research interests are in the design and performance evaluation of operating systems, storage and file systems, database systems, and distributed systems, with particular emphasis on storage systems support for large scale systems. This study includes analyzing workload characteristics, identifying the bottleneck of the storage system under large configurations, self tuning the parameters of the system to achieve best performance, adapting existing algorithms to systems with large configurations, and designing new algorithms for better performance.

In my Ph.D. dissertation research, I studied buffer cache replacement and proposed and evaluated a new approach to managing buffers in large scale systems. I studied the disk layout approaches for storage servers and database systems, and proposed and evaluated a new approach which is more robust than existing approaches. I studied the tuning of buffer pool management in database systems, and proposed and evaluated a self-tuning algorithm which automatically tunes the system to achieve close-to-optimal performance.

I grew up in Shandong, China. I got my B.Sc. (distinguished graduate) from the Department of Computer Science, Shandong University, China in 1995. I obtained my M.Sc. from the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1998. Currently I am a Ph.D. candidate in the DISCUS research group, Department of Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan. My supervisor is Professor Rick Bunt. I was hired as a term lecturer by the department from July 2001 to June 2002.

I found that many software tools are fascinating and powerful, such as emacs, gnuplot, Perl, LaTeX, etc. I created a number of web pages to introduce some of these excellent tools to beginners. The "LaTeX introduction" and "install xfig on Windows" pages rank NUMBER ONE on Google if you search latex introduction and xfig windows. These two pages get over 10,000 hits every month.

One of my favorite sport is badminton, which is the second most played game in the whole world (the most played game is soccer). I ranked third in aggregating points in Saskatoon Riverside Badminton/Tennis Club badminton summer co-ed double's league 2003.

I am serving as the Parent Committee Chair of Troop 74 of Boy Scouts of America in Santa Clara.