Install xfig on MS Windows

This page shows how to install xfig 3.2.x on Microsoft Windows 95/98/98SE/Me/NT/2000/XP using cygwin step-by-step. Here are some screenshots(screenshot 1, screen shot 2) after the installation. If you want to install older versions (xfig 3.2.2 on cygwin B20), please read my old instructions. However, it is recommended to use the new version.

If you have any problems when following these steps, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions. If you cannot find the answer from FAQ, you can ask me at . If you find a software that I am referring to is not the latest version, please notify me at .

  1. Directory assumptions: assume cygwin is installed on d:\cygwin, GhostScript is installed on d:\gs. However, you can install them on any directory of any drive as long as the full path of cygwin does not contain spaces.
  2. Create a home directory. If you don't have a home directory yet, create a home directory now, since several files need to be stored in this directory in the following steps. The home directory can be any directory on any drive and it is OK to contain spaces in its full path name.
  3. Prepare environment variables.
  4. Install the current version of cygwin.
  5. Config X11 to run xfig
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